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The project results are directly linked with the foreseen project activities, including meetings, dissemination events, training and most of all - the intellectual outputs. In terms of achieving the project objectives, there will be three main results: 

1. Developed system approach for enhanced dialogue between the business and VET providers. Achievement of the result will be twofold: development of a guide and methodology for collaboration and technical embedding of the methodology. The methodology will include rules and algorithm for creation of vocational training for specific RES occupations. There will be a description of the business and VET roles, processes and outputs. The relations with the other stakeholders will also be taken into account. 

2. Enhanced access to VET will be achieved through the development of an e-leatning platform with virtual reality tools for practical training. This is a technological solution, providing the VET users, trainees and apprentices, vocational trainings for selected pilot RES occupations. The trainings will contain all compulsory information and materials, but will focus on virtual reality experience. The benefit will mostly be on socially excluded social groups, on mother leave, employees in SMEs.


The training platform will be web based and used online by businesses, VET providers and users (students). They will create their own profiles from where they could manage the attended courses, they could plan their training activities, they could save and manage personal and public information, they could communicate, etc. The business will have the option to post jobs, while the VET students could link their profiles with LinkedIn and apply for job posts. The administrative panel of the platform will be filled with content in accordance with the elaborated Methodology for collaboration between the business and VET. It will provide instruments for mutual development of trainings and all training outputs will be uploaded only as a final result of the joint vocational training material. 

3. Pilot OERs will be developed to support the VET providers and fill with content the already developed VR platform. These will be selected among the different real estate businesses and will represent the most attractive and skills needed occupations. They will include definition of the real estate occupations in a VR format. The pilot trainings will be embedded into a VR platform, and integrate interactive spots within the virtual reality - linking to video content, audio content, written content and 360 degrees images. 

All primary project results will be accompanied by secondary ones - resulting to a successful implementation of a dissemination campaign, including dissemination activities, meetings and media broadcasts. Trainings will also be implemented, resulting to providing trainers and teachers - ready to work with the platform and communicate with the business through the Methodology. Terms of reference will also be prepared before the core development of the software, as well as the pilot trainings. They will contain the most precise and detailed description of the software, including functionalities and dependencies, workflows, roles, etc. The VR tools and training materials will also be precisely described before their actual development and integration within the platform.

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