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Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The second transnational meeting, convened on December 1, 2022, in Athens, Greece, was graciously hosted by our partners at AKMI. This pivotal gathering served as a platform to present the substantial progress achieved within the project framework. It also provided an avenue for insightful commentary and discussion on partner assignments, shaping the trajectory for upcoming tasks, events, and meetings.

Project Progress Presentation The meeting commenced with a comprehensive presentation, meticulously outlining the strides made within the project since its inception. Progress across various project facets, including software development, curriculum integration, and platform enhancements, was expounded upon. Notable milestones, successes, and challenges were shared, fostering a transparent and collaborative environment.

Partner Assignments Discussion Engaging discussions ensued regarding partner assignments. Each partner had the opportunity to provide feedback, share insights, and align strategies for optimized collaboration. The meeting facilitated a platform where diverse perspectives converged, ensuring a well-rounded evaluation of ongoing tasks and objectives.

Focus on Upcoming Tasks, Events, and Meetings A significant portion of the meeting was dedicated to deliberating forthcoming tasks, events, and meeting agendas. Plans were articulated, detailing the roadmap for the project's next phase. Discussions encompassed key deliverables, timelines, and strategies to leverage upcoming opportunities.

Interactive and Collaborative Environment The meeting encapsulated a dynamic exchange of ideas, fostering an interactive and collaborative environment. It served as a catalyst for fostering stronger ties among partners, reinforcing a shared commitment to project excellence.

Looking Ahead As the meeting drew to a close, an air of enthusiasm permeated discussions about the future trajectory of the project. The collective commitment to driving the project forward was palpable, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent phases.



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