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Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The inaugural transnational meeting on May 19, 2022, in Sofia, marked a pivotal moment for the project. The session adhered closely to the outlined agenda and featured significant elements:

Project Activity Overview The project coordinator delivered an extensive presentation, outlining the project and providing a detailed overview of the planned activities, encompassing:

  • Reviewing the existing curriculum for Real Estate Management and Facility Management sectors

  • Integration of the EU standard and virtual reality

  • Software tasks and structure of educational modules

  • Development plan for the Electronic Learning Platform with a VR builder core

  • Development of educational modules and their integration into the platform

Software Platform Development Presentation This segment encapsulated the software aspect of the project, elaborating on the software platform concept. It emphasized other critical functionalities interacting with the platform, such as the European standard framing relations in real estate transactions/operations and the content creation segment within virtual reality.

The presentation identified the two primary avenues for educational content creation within the platform:

  • Conventional e-learning

  • Virtual reality-based e-learning

The project unites the expertise of established real estate firms and academic institutions with the aspirational drive of younger professionals. Given Bulgaria's favorable market conditions and the increased demand for real estate specialists, it makes sense to develop new educational resources in this domain. These offline and online courses can cater to the needs of a new generation of property managers, drawing from substantial prior experiences.

Subsequent Activities The consortium agreed that the initial assignments would be furnished by the project coordinator to the partners within the next two months. The tentative date for the upcoming TPM2 in Greece was slated for year-end.



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