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Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The third transnational meeting convened on July 4, 2023, in Vilnius, Lithuania, graciously hosted by our esteemed partners from VsI. This pivotal gathering was instrumental in presenting and evaluating the progressive strides within the project. It served as a robust platform for insightful commentary and in-depth discussions regarding partner assignments, upcoming tasks, events, and crucial project aspects.

Showcasing Project Progress The meeting commenced with an extensive presentation highlighting the substantial advancements achieved throughout the project's lifecycle. Comprehensive progress reports were shared, detailing developments in various project domains. Emphasis was placed on the culmination of the educational content for real estate and facility/property management. The nearing completion of these modules signified a critical milestone in the project's trajectory.

Partner Assignments Evaluation Engaging discussions ensued, fostering a collaborative environment where partners exchanged feedback and insights on their respective assignments. The interactive dialogue facilitated alignment on strategies, ensuring synchronized efforts towards collective project objectives.

Focus on Upcoming Tasks, Events, and Meetings Considerable time was devoted to deliberating forthcoming tasks, events, and meeting agendas. Plans were meticulously curated to delineate the path forward, encompassing timelines, deliverables, and strategies to capitalize on upcoming opportunities.

Demonstration of Key Developments An integral highlight of the meeting was the live demonstration of the developed VR builder, currently in its beta stage and operating on a local server. This cutting-edge technology showcased significant promise and potential. Additionally, the alpha-stage presentation of the e-learning platform was showcased, albeit with placeholder content, emphasizing its interface and functionalities.

Looking Towards the Future The meeting concluded with a palpable sense of anticipation and commitment towards propelling the project forward. The collective dedication to advancing the project's objectives served as a testament to the collaborative spirit among the consortium.



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